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November 6, 2008 at 1:47 pm Leave a comment

I have recently started checking out new blogs (well, they’re new to me), and my latest find has sparked my interest. It’s a public relations blog entitled “PR Communications” with the subtitle, “John Cass, a marketer, writes about corporate blogging, PR, marketing, social media, and the Internet.” Sure, the title alludes to what John’s focus is, but his posts are incredibly helpful for anyone in PR who likes receiving tips about new software, social media, leadership roles, and news in the corporate world.


I am fairly new to blogging, so my skills could definitely use some improvement. I’m still learning some of the basics, like what sort of keywords should I not target, how to add quality in business blogging, and this blog answers these questions. He also incorporates other sites and blogs within his posts. John not only gives tips and good blogging techniques; he also makes comments on other business blogs and provides readers with a hyperlink to locate them. The format of his blog also makes it easy to navigate and see everything clearly.  


This blog clearly targets the many aspects of public relations communication, but I like how John applies the field of public relations to the various topics of his posts. I have really enjoyed gaining a new sense of awareness about blogs and their often valuable information. John Cass’s blog has certainly been helpful to me, and I hope to be just as informative about public relations in my own blog in the future.


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