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November 20, 2008 at 4:11 pm Leave a comment

I am not alone in this new blogging endeavor. I feel better now, just by stating (writing) that. As a college, and like most other people, starting something new, something that can totally mess up a certain routine, can be intimidating and often frustrating. When my professor explained what blogs and posts are, my immediate reaction was not ‘cool’.

But now that I’ve started blogging on a somewhat regular basis, I don’t know how most young people are turned off by the idea, especially in this internet age. Blogging is such a good way to be expressive, share ideas, and voice your opinions. I’m still learning and exploring, along with my classmates, many of whom already have exceptional blogs of their own.

For instance, Donovan Sharkey’s blog Sharkey’s Machine has not only a unique and clean design, but it also includes valuable insight which targets areas like business and public relations. His latest post Blogging for Big Businesses is a great example of how he incorporates his own perspective with the links and information he found about this particular topic.

Sharkey comments on how blogging could greatly impact The North Face, a company that he is currently researching,  saying, “It is possible that if The North Face doesn’t capitalize on blogging and social media that their brand will go the way of countless other fly-by-night fads. Anybody remember Ocean Pacific, British Knights, or Members Only? Blogging can be the catalyst that helps organizations continue the momentum growth; instead of slowly losing steam and not knowing why.”

Another great example of a well developed blog from a classmate is Kelli Martin. Her self-titled blog includes fun graphics, catchy titles, and a great layout. This blog is easy to read and stresses many of the important basics of public relations, such as her latest blog entitled Strategic PR Planning and Goal Setting. Martin also incorporates great links about her interests and personal information, such as the Fortune 500 Company Limited Brands and her resume.

Developing a good blog takes time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not so bad. Depending on the topic of your blog, follow these three writing guidelines to make it successful.

·         Develop a writing style and tone appropriate to your subject material.

·         Post often, even if your posts are short.

·         Allow your readers to comment on your posts.


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