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After researching Kraft Foods Incorporated, I’ve discovered that I am quite impressed by the company as a whole. Kraft seeks to please its consumers while maintaining its focus of encouraging a healthy lifestyle. They have quality products, and ones that I have always trusted. The products can be used so diversely and to fit each consumers need, whether it’s an afternoon snack for your kids or preparing a full course meal for guests. They have so many great qualities, and are still thriving even in this economic crisis.


Use Kraft products in your holiday treats!

Kraft Foods Inc. offers several jobs in hundreds of locations. I definitely support the company for its products and even community involvement. The company has donated quite a chunk of change to its communities. If I worked with the company doing anything, it would probably be aiding in the non-profit organizations. The company is wonderful, but the jobs available to public relations professionals are very limited. If I applied for and was offered a job, I would love to work for this company. Kraft believes that their employees are the keys to their success; great people working with great brands. They really understand their consumers and love promoting a healthy lifestyle. I  admire the company much more now because I associate the brand Kraft with each product they produce.    


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Awards and Careers with Kraft

Awards -Kraft Foods Inc. has an incredible connection with its consumers. The company has figured out how to be successful: by giving consumers what they want. Kraft customizes according to specific consumer, it listens to the consumer, and it provides a variety of options for most consumer types. Because the company is so involved with its consumers and community, last August Kraft Foods UK and Ireland was awarded the Big Tick, which is given to companies that can demonstrate the positive impact of their business practices and is a highly respected endorsement. In September, Kraft was also chosen on the list of top 100 companies in Working Mother Magazine.


Here are some other Kraft awards which can be found on their corporate site.


·         Kraft was named to the 2008/2009 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) – both the World and North America lists. This is the third year Kraft is part of the DJSI World index and our fourth year on the North America list.


·         Kraft was named one of “Mexico’s Leading Companies” (Empresas Líderes de México) for 2007.  Kraft stood out in the areas of corporate image, customer service and corporate social responsibility.  The award was based on a survey of executives in Mexico by the Hay Group. 


·         Kraft Canada ranked number 10 among Canadian companies in the third annual corporate reputation survey by “Marketing Magazine.”


·         Kraft was named one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens for 2008 by “Corporate Responsibility Officer” magazine in the US.


Careers -Kraft Inc. is also has an array of careers in communications and marketing. They have many brands and different departments that each give you the opportunity to work with people from around the world. Nicole, the Associate Director for Community Involvement, helps Kraft serve as a resource to non-profit organizations around the world. “My job truly enables me to fulfill Kraft’s vision of helping people around the world eat and live better. And on a daily basis I am inspired by the fortitude, tenacity, creativity and desire of communities around the world to lift themselves up — for me nothing is more satisfying,” she said.   


Other job titles include:


Human Resources

Associate Human Resources Manager

Director Human Resources

Director Management and Organization Development


Brand Assistant

Associate Brand Manager, Kraft Cheese Division

Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Kraft Pizza Company



Sales Representative

Customer Service Coordinator

Customer Category Manager, Oscar Mayer

Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Oscar Mayer

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Financial Crisis- what Financial Crisis?

Kraft Foods has earned the reputation of a trusted brand among consumers. Although the economy’s financial crisis has persisted over the past two years, food makers, including Kraft, are flourishing according to Thomas Gaudio of BNET. In Gaudio’s article, “While Financial Crisis Continues, Food Industry Flourishes,” food manufacturers are a “safe haven in uncertain times” for investors according to Gregg Warren, an analyst with Morningstar, a Chicago based investment research firm. “Their cash flows are stable. When you boil it down, people still have to eat,” he said.


According to Gaudio’s article, Kraft had net profits of $ 1.3 billion on net revenues of $21.5 billion for the six months ended June 30, compared to net profits of $1.4 billion on net revenues of $17.8 billion during the prior year. As of Sept. 22, Kraft shares were trading at $33.05, between a 52-week range of $28.04 and $35.29.


Gaudio also discusses how Kraft Foods Inc. is trying to make its mark in the developing world by getting more exposure in countries like China, Russia and Indonesia. However, brands like Oreo and Maxwell House must compete with other brands that have already made their mark in such countries. This is not an easy task because Warren says that taste tend to be local.


Kraft Foods has not always been so fortunate to have stability in an unstable economy. The company has faced a few crises, but none so big that the company couldn’t handle. Most of their problems can be found in a food safety category where food is contaminated. For instance, in September of this year, milk contaminated with melamine was found to be the cause of the deaths of four infants in China. Food companies around the globe immediately began assessing their products, and according to an internet news source, some companies created new strategies to prevent such problems.


However, rumors of melamine-related recalls of Oreos and other sweets spread by phone text messages and on the Internet, so Kraft Foods Inc. hastened to reassure customers that none of its Oreo-brand products contain milk powder from China. A representative of Kraft Foods said that Oreo fillings contain no milk, while Oreo cookies with icing on them use milk powder from Australia. “Regardless of where they are produced, Kraft products are always held to the highest quality and safety standards,” the company said.


Because the rumors were false, the company could have reacted outrageously, but Kraft Foods simply assured their consumers that information was just not true. The company had a valid explanation of why the statement could not have been true and reiterated that their products are of high quality and safely produced.

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Kraft Gives Back

Kraft is one of the largest food companies in the nation, and because their focus is creating healthy lifestyles, Kraft has teamed up with leading non-profit organizations which specialize in issues such as fighting hunger and building healthy lifestyles to help make a big impact. According to Kraft’s corporate website, here are some ways in which Kraft Foods gives back to its communities.


·         Kraft gives nearly $100 million in food, cash donations and volunteer support annually to hundreds of non-profit organizations

·         When disaster strikes, the company sends food, donates money and volunteers time to help those who need it the most.

·         Kraft helped fund the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s first Produce mobile, which delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods where produce is either not available or too expensive.

·         In Russia, 16 percent of children are overweight or obese. Kraft entered this partnership with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)to teach school-aged children in Russia to cook healthy foods, increase physical activity and grow nutritious foods in school gardens.

·         The health 4 schools program is designed to engage students in the elements of a healthy lifestyle by promoting breakfast, gardening, cooking and active playing. Kraft has donated about $1 million since 2004 to launch the health 4 schools program at 75 schools in Gloucestershire, England.

As you can see, Kraft is certainly involved in its communities around the world. The company does not focus on one specific location, as it can be purchased in 150 countries. Kraft Food products have impacted the lives of millions, and the team at Kraft intends to maintain its focus of fighting hunger and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Who likes Kraft?

Kraft has one large category which sums up its products: food. The website specifically is very family oriented and targets all audiences, but it also clearly has one group in particular that it focuses on. The site provides ideas for things like dinner plans, entertainment, healthy eating, your kids, and community involvement, all of which primarily target women. Let’s face it. There are many men out there who can cook a wonderful, full course meal with ease. But the vast majority of shoppers in your local grocery store aiming to cook dinner are women.  


Based on Grunig and Hunt’s four public relations models, I would say that Kraft Foods is using the 2-way asymmetrical model. Although asymmetrical is a form of two way communication, the goal is not balanced. The company has found it most important to disperse their information such as recipe ideas, health tips, and product promotions. Although Kraft focuses on gaining public interest, the company still gives consumers the opportunity to give feedback through message boards on its website.  

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Kraft Foods: It’s more than just Mac and Cheese

Kraft’s vision is simply this: Helping people around the world eat and live better. With its headquarters in Northfield, Illinois, Kraft employs 103,000 people worldwide with operations in more than 70 countries, sales in more than 150 countries, approximately 180 manufacturing and processing facilities, and 11 research and development centers. Kraft reports its financial performance by eight segments: US Beverages, US Cheese, US Convenient Meals, US Grocery, US Snacks, Canada and North America Foodservice, European Union, Developing Markets. Net revenues in 2007 totaled $37 billion. (


Kraft is more than just cheese! The company has nine brands with revenues of $1 billion. The nine brands are:



Oscar Meyer


Maxwell House







The history of Kraft began in 1903 when J.L Kraft started selling cheese from a horse drawn wagon. Today, Kraft Foods has established a brand name that is valued and trusted by its customers. To look at Kraft’s complete history, visit their site for a slideshow and timeline of events which has led to their success.

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