My Social Media Policy

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1. Connecting:

My name is Holly West and I would like to have a network of connections that builds relationships with PR professionals in order to share ideas and information with one another. My hope is that I can further my knowledge of public relations by learning from others while possibly helping my fellow public relations professionals gain new perspectives.

2. Follow, add, friend

On Facebook, in order to accept a ‘friend request’, I want to at least know of the person. I do not necessarily have to meet them personally, but I would like to at least have some sort of connection. On Twitter, I will accept any request, but if I find that we don’t have have any common interests I may stop following certain ‘twitterers’.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Be careful what you share

Facebook information can be disbursed very easily and can end up in any ones hands (often the wrong hands). I would suggest either having minimal information on your profile or having a limited profile so that certain friends can see certain things. I would even suggest removing any information that you wouldn’t want a future employer to see (pictures, quotes, posts).

4. Signal to noise: Facebook Drama

I think some Facebook statuses are completely unnecessary. I’ll give a few examples:

‘So and so’ is wondering why is life so complicated. ‘So and so’ is feeling like my world is coming to an end. ‘So and so’ can’t believe that people you think are your friends can stab you in the back.

This is so dramatic, and quite frankly ridiculous. I understand that a status is intended to describe what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, but really, do you have to be so self-involved as to put your personal problems out there for everyone to see. It’s like a soap opera, with all your ‘friends’ wondering what happened and who is involved.

I don’t really see such statuses on Twitter, so hopefully it’s a bit more informational and professional on other social networks. I think Facebook is geared more toward being the gossip and stalker hour club though.    

5. Personal data and sharing: Professional and Personal Interests

I would like to share information with those I’m connected to on a professional and personal basis. I don’t necessarily mean I’m looking for that special someone; I simply mean it would be nice to exchange recipes, TV show reactions, fashion tips etc. I would also like to learn from PR professional what other companies are about and their suggestions on things like job searching, interviews, and experience.

6. My networking needs and uses

I use Facebook to keep up with high school and college friends as well as organizations in which I’m involved. It’s more casual in conversation and the information found on my profile.

I have begun using Twitter to bounce ideas off those that I’m following. It has also served as a connecting tool to get familiar with other PR professionals in the field as I begin to job search. Professionals seem very willing to help college students and provide advice on Twitter. It’s good mix of professional and casual because you want to watch what you say, but still incorporate your own opinions and interests in the mix.

LinkedIn is completely professional for me. I have very few connections right now, but I intend to use this social media to provide professionals with a well developed and well rounded profile, which includes my resume.


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